Spoof Ikea ad of UAP billboard

Clive Palmer told ABC Radio that using $55 million to block Labor's proposed tax policies was more effective than giving someone meals on wheels. Meanwhile, Ikea was poking fun at his billboards.

Although the United Australia Party failed to win a single seat in parliament, he says the money was well spent as it prevented Labor from winning the election.

Mr Palmer's stated aim was to "polarise the electorate" and that the UAP's preferences to the LNP prevented Labor from getting into power and introducing "more than $1 trillion of new taxes".

Former Labor Party president Wayne Swan agreed that the UAP's preference deals had cost Labor the election. 

“The future of our democracy is under threat when an individual can spend $60 million in chequebook democracy, basically in a revolving preference deal with the Liberal Party, to help steal an election.”

Full story at ABC online

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