A learner and a digital mentor during a session with a laptop

Leep is expanding our programs. We just launched two new programs this week with the Greek Welfare Centre and the Hawkesbury Learning and Leisure Centre. Find out what they're all about and how you can get involved.

Our first program at the Greek Welfare Centre in Harris Park is aimed at delivering one-on-one digital mentoring to their members. The mentoring is taking place in the St Ioannis Greek Orthodox Church in Parramatta. Leep's outstanding volunteers taught 10 volunteers in the session! The learners brought their own devices which were mainly their smartphones. Many wanted to learn how to take photos and then manage their photos. All the learners wanted to start to learn the basics of their devices, with eagerness to access Facebook, Google Maps and online banking. Our wonderful mentors will be aiding them with these over the next 5 weeks of digital mentoring.

In addition, Leep partnered with the Hawkesbury Learning and Leisure Centre to deliver a digital mentoring program. This is our first digital mentoring program run in the Hawkesbury! Yesterday, our mentor taught some learners how to manage emails, recognise scam text messages and navigate their tablet more efficiently. The the learners were exceeding happy with the program and are excited to continue their journey's in to the digital world.

If you'd like to either become a digital mentor yourself, sign someone up to learn more about their devices, or even partner with use to create more programs, please visit leep.ngo or call us on 02 4721 1866. You can also email us at [email protected]


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