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In this article for The Conversation, Ushi Ghoorah, Associate Lecturer at Western Sydney University, argues that it is hard for donors to nonprofit organisations to know how much of their money goes to the cause they want to support. 

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In response to changes over recent years, mergers have become a trending concept in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector and are often considered as an option for survival in challenging economic climates. Australia does not have a register of merged charities to record how prevalent mergers are, but there is no doubt that mergers are happening

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Latest e-Newsletter from the NSW Council of Social Service, powered by Leep communityNet: essential news, resources and events for the community sector in NSW.

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The Koda Capital Snapshot of Australian Giving said the concept of a charitable organisation may need to be reimagined with people becoming less charitable and less trusting of charities. “Not only do many of our largest and best-resourced charities operate businesses and effectively run as sustainable social enterprises…

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Not-for-profit Law has published a new national guide to 'Community organisations and work health and safety laws'. It covers the application of WHS laws to not-for-profit organisations, who is a "worker" under these laws, the nature of WHS duties, liability of the organisation, and complying with WHS laws.

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Australian wellbeing rebounded in the June quarter after falling to a survey low earlier in the year, with the latest NAB Wellbeing Index rising 2.6 points to 65.3 in Q2. The result is unchanged from the same period last year. The overall improvement in wellbeing was driven by higher levels of happiness, life worth and life satisfaction.

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How do you focus on the ways different generations give today and plan for how they’ll give tomorrow? Understanding your supporters on a fundamental level leads to better fundraising for your organisation. Blackbaud's "The Next Generation of Australian and New Zealander Giving" helps you gain the knowledge you need by revealing

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Use this ATO checklist when your organisation is: not-for-profit, and changing the administrator of its tax affairs – for example a treasurer, office bearer or employee involved in the tax administration of your organisation. The checklist will help your organisation hand over its tax affairs to a new administrator.

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The Department of Social Services has released a report into leading practice in community and philanthropy partnerships. The report collates insights from participants of the Federally-funded Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week program, which ran from 2015-2017. It was an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership.