How do we appreciate work? Good manners, that's how we'd assume we would show our appreciation. In the community & volunteering sector, thanking people is embedded in our work. A simple, "thanks" doesn't always cut it when we say this so often.

The Connecting Up 'Transform' Conference at Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) next May will see an array of world class speakers and non-profit CEOs focused on helping non-profits achieve a successful digital transformation. 

Time is running out! The Multicultural NSW Celebrating Diversity Grants Program invests in community projects, events and activities that foster community harmony and celebrate cultural diversity as a precious part of our identity and way of life. It aims to foster community harmony and celebrate cultural diversity as an important part of our identity and way of life.

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$14.2m will be invested into supporting young people into education, jobs and housing under a SIB program developed by Anglicare Victoria and VincentCare. The COMPASS program will measure outcomes for the first two years, then another two post-program.

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A new economic model promises to deliver on the triple bottom line and build economic, natural and social capital. So what is it, and how does it differ from the linear approach that has led us to the verge of economic and environmental collapse?

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The national charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), is working with a number of drought relief charities after concerns were raised about their operations.

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$15 million has been provided by the Federal Government in an effort to aid not-for-profit community groups in delivering projects in drought-affected areas of the country. 

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Vulnerable children and young adults continue to fall behind, according to the Australian Child Rights Taskforce. UNICEF Australia conducted a national consultation with 527 disadvantaged children and young people under 24. Their report to the the UN found that they 'faced growing intergenerational inequality'.

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