blind person crossing street

Advocacy, in the community work sense, means to protect the rights of society's most vulnerable people and ensure that their voices are heard on decisions that affect them. A recent NDIS report recommends disability advocacy continue after 2020, but it's looking doubtful.

Carer gasping at thermometer

Some carers of older Australians are struggling to cope with the summer heatwaves because their clients don't feel the heat in their homes.

Elderly man in wheelchair left online in aged care home

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation have released evidence demonstrating that minimum staffing ratios in aged care facilities will improve the wellbeing of residents as well providing economic benefits. 

Training session

The NSW Public Guardian is offering free workshops to train staff in disability and aged care organisations to further support clients.

An online tool and factsheet can help to provide guidance of what costs should be expected when moving into an aged care home. 

Woman helping elderly woman to walk

A new Ageing and Disability Commissioner will be appointed as part of a focus on abuse in the aged care and disability sectors.