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Major community events (MCEs) have long been a mainstay of the global fundraising scene, but in recent years the category has become increasingly competitive. More and more events are jostling for positions as they compete to attract supporters and their fundraising dollars.

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GiveEasy has launched their Non-Profit Sector Innovation Index for 2018. It offers key insights into innovation in the NFP sector, as well as case studies and tips in how to begin the practice in your own organisation. Key takeaways from 2018 include:

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CHOICE and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)’ research report Competition Policy and Human Services: Where Theory Meets Practice assessed two areas of human service where various combinations of choice, contestability and competition have been significant in recent years – vocational education and training (VET)

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The term “disability inclusion” is everywhere but what does it really mean? This new Disability Inclusion webinar by Leila Wright for Leep provides a good start on how you can confidently include people with disability in your volunteer work, community, and life.