The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission says its own data matching and intelligence gathering are adding to the volume of concerns previously attributed to increased public awareness of its regulatory role.


Approaches to disaster response are evolving. Natural disasters and other traumatic events can seriously impact the emotional wellbeing of those affected. The Emerging Minds organisation has developed a toolkit to help workers and families before, during and after a traumatic event.

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Lifeline stores on the mid North Coast of NSW are trialling a new way of engaging volunteers. Rather than being bound by a regular schedule, volunteers are able to ‘pop in' when it suits them.


Recent Canadian studies show alarmingly high rates of FASD in the general population, with estimates that FASD affects 4% of the Canadian population. There has been limited research into FASD prevalence in Australia, with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) stating “it is estimated that FASD affects roughly between 2% and 5% of the population in the United States.” As estimates of FASD prevalence continue to increase worldwide, it is likely that the prevalence of FASD in Australia is also higher than previously estimated.

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While a lack of infrastructure and connectivity compared to metropolitan areas has underpinned the disparity of access, the recent Regional Telecommunications Independent Review found the data drought was exacerbated by a lack of digital literacy in rural areas.

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Mobile phones help alleviate loneliness among the over 50s, according to a report commissioned by Vodafone in the UK.

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The majority of work is on election day only. However, there is a wide range of casual roles and opportunities to work throughout an election period, typically around eight weeks, including roles in early voting centres, mobile polling and after election day. This role can advance your career in the community sector, so register your interest sooner rather than later.

National Volunteer Week is coming up in May. Find out how you can get your organisation involved!

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The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority has released their Reconciliation Action Plan from 2019 to 2020.