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Although the economy is 'performing well' the RBA reports that growth in household income remains low, debt levels are high and some asset prices have declined.

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A new landmark report has found the majority of older Australians feel a decade younger than their current age, overwhelmingly support assisted dying legislation, and nearly half feel less valued by society than when they were younger.

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A group of philanthropists are giving grants of values of up to $20,000 to non-profits to redevelop their websites. This pays for initial setup, then users pay TITAN an ongoing annual fee.

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It is estimated around half of Australians don't have an insurance policy that fully covers their assets. Without insurance, households are unable to "bounce back" after a disaster or emergency event.

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Many Australian children come from families that have experienced housing affordability stress for a period of time while they were growing up, according to research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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A bill introduced by the Turnbill Government in 2017 would have categorised issues-based campaigns as “electoral matters” that attract the higher transparency measures. The revised bill, passed in the Senate on November 15, removes this definition.

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Share the Dignity utilised a free digital tool to massively boost their volunteer base from 900 to 4,100 volunteers since 2017. It could be the future of volunteer management.

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How does climate change affect the elderly, disabled, homeless and individuals with chronic disease? The risk is debatable. Some research suggests climate change is creating more and more risks for vulnerable people than ever.

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Organisations which 'advance religion' may qualify for concessions and exemptions over and above the usual FBT exemptions for charitable institutions. The draft ruling allows practitioners, students and family members in religious institutions to claim exemptions for things like school fees and vehicles.