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Young volunteers help senior people on the computer. Young people giving senior people introduction to internet

Give people the power to be online and use technology! Become a Digital Mentor today. Everything is going online; without the skills to use technology, people are becoming more and more excluded from the modern world and all it has to offer. A digital mentor provides one-on-one support to help people learn about technology and use it confidently and safely.  

young woman showing older woman how to use a program on a laptop

Would you love to share your digital skills and knowledge to assist seniors become more confident with their digital needs? As a Digital Mentor you can assist seniors to learn digital skills such as how to send an sms on a smartphone or how to email on a tablet or how to use a laptop to browse the net. 

The term 'digital divide' is usually used with reference to those who can't afford or use technology easily. But three of the big four banks found themselves on the wrong side of Apple Pay recently.

NSW high schools are now able to choose if and how they ban mobile phone use - what does that mean for their learning potential?

Person setting up internet banking

With damning allegations made against major banks as a result of the Banking Royal Commission, more and more people are turning to digital-only banks. With 1 in 5 Australians not online, how could this impact upon the future of banking in Australia?

Facebook privacy settings

A new study has confirmed that Facebook users over 65 were the most likely to share and spread 'fake news' stories during the 2016 presidential election. As older generations become more digitally literate, should greater care be given to teaching skills to help identify fake news?

Young man helping older man with computer

It is quite common for those without strong digital skills to be intimidated, discouraged and even scared to use technology. For these people, technology can be associated with bad experiences and failed learning attempts, resulting in lost confidence. Here are some handy hints and tips to restore confidence and enable greater digital inclusion. 

Is making a website accessible hard? There are many myths web-designers believe that stops them from designing their website to be accessible. Too much effort? Won't it cost too much? Will it be ugly?