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The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is hosting free webinar presentations throughout July 2018 to help older Australians stay safe online. They are offering presentations on two topics: safer online shopping and banking, and spotting online scams.

Safer online shopping and banking: For many Australians, a connected lifestyle includes the convenience of online shopping and banking, however, privacy and security concerns can stop older Australians from enjoying the same experience. In this 50-minute webinar you’ll learn: how to safely buy and pay for things online; how to do every day banking safely online; and tips on how to use public Wi-Fi safely.

Can you spot a scam?: Online scams presentation to help older Australians spot a fake when they see one. In this 1-hour webinar you’ll learn: the most common scams targeting older Australians; tips on how to spot them; what to do or not do; and who to speak to when you need help.

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