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The Australian Human Rights Commission is undertaking a major project on the relationship between human rights and technology. Responsible innovation means harnessing the opportunities of new technology, while guarding against the threats. Technology should be shaped by human values, to protect and promote rights and freedoms.

The Project will:

  1. identify the practical issues at stake
  2. undertake research and public consultation on how best to respond to the human rights challenges and opportunities presented by new technology
  3. develop a practical and innovative roadmap for reform.

The Issues Paper aims to assist all parts of the Australian community to engage with this project and everyone is encouraged to participate in the consultation process.

The Issues Paper:

  • sets out background information about human rights and new technology, asking which issues the Commission should concentrate on
  • asks how Australia should regulate new technology, and what other measures should be taken to promote responsible innovation
  • considers how AI is increasingly used in decision making, and asks how we can protect human rights in this context
  • considers how we can promote more accessible technology, ensuring that people with disability experience the benefits of new technology
  • asks how new technology affects specific groups, such as children, women and older people.

Find out more about the Project, download Issues Paper and participate in the consultation

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