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OZeWAI - Australian Web Adaptability Initiative
Accessibility Conference
21-23 November 2018, 8.30am-4.30pm
Eugene Goossens Hall, ABC Studios Sydney, ABC Ultimo Centre, 700 Harris St, Ultimo

Cost: $100-$550.

OZeWAI is the Australian Web Accessibility Initiative, which is a strong and established group of members providing a source of information on accessibility issues and ideas to the broader community. The OZeWAI conference brings together the most knowledgeable digital accessibility experts, specialists and researchers from all over the world, as well as leaders in the industry, government and non-profit organisations to explore and support digital inclusion topics and ideas.

This conference provides three full days of technical, research and panel sessions, presentations and practical workshops on cutting edge issues related to WCAG, WAI and online digital accessibility. There are also many opportunities for networking and socialising with key speakers, panel members and attendees.

More information and registration

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