woman and child sitting on couch with laptop

The OzChild Cyber Safety Manual was created to help carers of children in out of home care to understand the significant risks posed by social media. Device use and the internet are now a part of everyday life. The manual’s main message is to not ban the internet or devices from children, but to be aware of the dangers and educate children. That way the whole family can remain cyber safe, through continued communication and education.

Children in care can tend to present with vulnerabilities due to their previous trauma history. It can affect the way that they trust others, in person and online, along with their level of understanding of the potential dangers in all social media applications. It is important for carers to have a level of understanding of social media and cyber safety basics, to be able to educate the children in their care.

The manual is aimed towards:

  • Foster carers and Kinship carers.
  • Carers who have a limited understanding of social media and the internet, or want to learn more about the internet and social media.
  • Case workers who would like to learn more and use that knowledge when working with clients.

pdfDownload OzChild Cyber Safety Manual


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