Is making a website accessible hard? There are many myths web-designers believe that stops them from designing their website to be accessible. Too much effort? Won't it cost too much? Will it be ugly?

It is essential, especially in our sector, to make our website as accessible as possible. Medium recommends adjusting your website to the aging populationusers whose native or primary language is not English, users whose native or primary language is not English, users with cognitive limitations, users with limited or low vision, users with situational disabilities and users with temporary disabilities.


  • Digital accessibility helps more people than you might realise
  • Think about accessibility early and often in the design and development process to save time, effort, and money on the overall project
  • Digital accessibility is the job of every single person in your organisation — not just the developers
  • Websites and apps can be both beautiful and accessible
  • Using automated testing tools is a great first step, but you must also include manual tests in order for your website or app to be truly accessible

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