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This free seminar will present findings from recently published studies on the technology adoption trends of senior citizens, as well as discussing possible avenues for future research. 

Digital resources like smartphones, fitness trackers, health apps etc. have evolved as ubiquitous powerful media for our entire society. These innovations have literally changed the way we behave and live our daily lives. Although general access to the Internet is apparent in most developed countries, age-related differences in the use and utilization of digital resources have been observed frequently.

Senior citizens do not make good use of these resources and are generally assumed to resist technologies or to struggle in their adoption of them. Consequently, the Internet is less used and digital resources in general are underutilized, leaving the potential to enhance mature adults’ quality of life untapped. Despite those frequent assumptions and observations however, recent evidence demonstrates that ‘digital immigrants’ are more heterogeneous in their technology use as often expected.

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