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young woman showing older woman how to use a program on a laptop

Find out how to inspire and support people to use technology and be online as a one-on-one digital mentor. We explore what’s involved in the role and some tips and tricks for success! Digital mentors are people who provide one-on-one support to people so that they can use technology and get online.

Young volunteers help senior people on the computer. Young people giving senior people introduction to internet

Give people the power to be online and use technology! Become a Digital Mentor today. Everything is going online; without the skills to use technology, people are becoming more and more excluded from the modern world and all it has to offer. A digital mentor provides one-on-one support to help people learn about technology

young woman showing older woman how to use a program on a laptop

Would you love to share your digital skills and knowledge to assist seniors become more confident with their digital needs? As a Digital Mentor you can assist seniors to learn digital skills such as how to send an sms on a smartphone or how to email on a tablet or how to use a laptop to browse the net. 

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Technology Safety Summit
6-7 September 2018
Gold Coast

Senior Woman Using Laptop

Latest research from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner reveals around 2.7 million Australians aged 50 years and over have little or no engagement with the online world. The research also shows that a major fear factor exists among older Australians who have low digital literacy—technology often proves to be intimidating,

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This webinar was hosted by ADCET and the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) in May 2018. Leanne McRae, Katie Ellis and Mike Kent (Curtin University) presented on their project report "The Internet of Things: Implications for Students with Disabilities".

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As part of the Top 5 iPad Apps for Struggling Readers webinar, led by AT Specialist Diana Petschauer, US-based Centre on Technology & Disability (CTD) provided a list of 60 apps that support literacy and executive functioning- including text-to-speech, voice recognition, word prediction, audio recording and note-taking.