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Temporary Accommodation (TA) is a critical component of the NSW Government’s response to homelessness. It provides a safety net and ensures, wherever possible, that a person experiencing homelessness can be accommodated on any given night. The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) currently uses over 350 providers across the State to provide short-term accommodation to place TA clients. FACS uses motels, caravan parks and other low cost commercial accommodation options to place TA clients, as well as supported accommodation managed by NGOs.

In 2016/17 FACS supported over 24,800 homelessness households with TA. Over time the number and complexity of clients have increased and there is now clear recognition within both FACS and the NGO sector that TA could play a greater role in providing support as well as shelter to those experiencing homelessness.

The EOI provides an opportunity to test new models, evaluate their impact and use the learnings to continue to improve the approach to providing TA.

This Tranche 3 EOI covers a number of LGAs in the following regions:

  • Western Sydney
  • Nepean Blue Mountains
  • Northern NSW
  • Mid North Coast
  • Murrumbidgee
  • Western NSW

The desired outcomes of supported TA services being sought through this EOI are:

  • Clients are able to access safe, clean and appropriate accommodation during times of crisis.
  • Clients are supported to access the services they need for issues which may include domestic and family violence (DFV), mental health issues, substance use, family breakdown and a range of other issues.
  • Clients are proactively supported to access appropriate and stable longer term accommodation options in the quickest time possible.

EOI closes: 3 July 2018.

More information and EOI details

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