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This procurement will be a two stage process with a Request For Information (RFI) that will then be followed by an open Request for Tender (RFT). The RFI will assist in raising awareness within the disability sector of the tender and to provide the sector an opportunity to have input into the design of the service.

An open tender will be issued to the market, to gauge response rates and maximise Small and Medium Enterprise (specifically, not for profits) participation in the process.

Historically, Ageing Disability and Home Care has provided funds to a number of NGO’s to provide advocacy and legal supports to people with intellectual disability in contact with the criminal justice system. The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across NSW has provided an opportunity to consider whether this service offering should be expanded to meet the needs of people with a cognitive impairment.

The NSW Department of Justice are seeking to procure one non-government organisation (NGO), or consortia, to deliver the Justice Advocacy Service over 2 years. This procurement will involve providing funding to an existing NGO, or consortia of existing NGOs, to provide advocacy services to people with a cognitive impairment in contact with the justice system.

The service will:

  • Provide advocacy support to people at all stages of contact with the criminal justice system, including as victims, witnesses and defendants
  • The service will be available state wide, including remote communities

Further services which may be included in the tender are to be confirmed, please refer to the Request for Information for additional information.

Essential Experience:

  • Prior experience / knowledge of providing support services to people with cognitive impairment in contact with the criminal justice system
  • Prior experience / knowledge of intersectionality and complex needs and their implications for service delivery
  • Able to provide state wide coverage

Location: These services will be provided across NSW, including regional, rural and remote communities.

Procurement Process: This will be a two stage procurement process with an RFI then followed by an open RFT.

This is an advance notice which aims to attract early market interest.

RFI closes: 3 September 2018.

More information and related documentation

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