Sunset on the Murray River, South Australia

Patagonia Australia funds environmental work. They are most interested in making grants to organisations that identify and work on the root causes of problems and that approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. Their funding focuses on organisations that create a strong base of citizen support.

Patagonia Australia support small grassroots activist organisations with provocative direct-action agendas, working on multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect the environment. They think the individual battles to protect a specific stand of forest, stretch of river or indigenous wild species are the most effective in raising more complicated issues—particularly those of biodiversity and ecosystem protection—in the public mind. They will help local groups working to protect local habitats and frontline communities through bold, original actions. They look for innovative groups that produce measurable results.

They fund work that:

  • is action-oriented
  • is quantifiable
  • builds public involvement and support
  • is strategic in its targeting and goals
  • focuses on root causes
  • accomplishes specific goals and objectives that can be effectively measured to evaluate success

To qualify for Patagonia grant funding:

  • Your organisation must be operated for the public good
  • Your organisation must be a registered Australian or New Zealand charity, or have a fiscal sponsor with such status
  • Your organisation, or your fiscal sponsor, must have a bank account for business purposes in the name of your organisation

Applications close: 31 August 2018.

More information and application

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