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The Channel is seeking projects strategically advocating for courageous change when it comes to LGBTIQ+ rights in Australia. The Courageous Advocacy grant round will fund any of the below activities/approaches provided they are in pursuit of a positive policy advocacy outcome for Australian LGBTIQ+ communities.

Different advocacy approaches will be suited to different circumstances and issues. Some deal with urgent issues, others focus on building a longer-term evidence base for change. A variety of approaches is often used to address an issue at different stages of a campaign. These may include:

  • Research and Dissemination: Credible research is an excellent tool for raising the profile of a problem and explaining the ongoing impact of a policy or condition on LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities.
  • Raising Awareness: Increasing public consciousness to advance action on an issue (because key parts of society are often not fully aware of LGBTIQ+ issues or their impacts). These efforts can take many forms, including communication through the media, advertising, speeches to influential audiences and directly promoting the charity’s purpose, or the interests of their beneficiaries, to elected representatives and public officials.
  • Community Organising: LGBTIQ+ communities organising on their own behalf so that those most affected by a particular issue are able to voice their concerns and promote their interests with government officials and powerful private entities.
  • Grassroots Mobilisation: Demonstrating broad-based public support for policy change. Mobilising coalitions to visit elected representatives or to generate greater public awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues.
  • Policy Development: Developing policy options to aid change. Providing advocates, elected representatives, policy makers, and others with credible suggestions for solving problems and goals to rally around.

All projects must be fully conducted within Australia and be for the benefit of Australian LGBTIQ+ communities.

Applicant organisations must be a registered charity that is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DRG) item 1, or apply under the auspices of a registered charity with this endorsement. Please get in touch if you would like assistance finding an auspice partner. If you are an LGBTIQ+ organisation with DGR, consider applying OR partnering with a non-DGR organisation who wishes to apply. Again, we are available to assist with this and encourage applications through this kind of arrangement.

Applications close: 26 October 2018.

More information and application

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