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Could your board meetings be more productive? As you’re probably aware meetings of all types can easily become unproductive. While some board meetings are derailed by difficult board members, divisive topics and organisational or community politics, most unproductive board meetings are caused by unconsidered choices

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Not-for-profit Law has published two new comprehensive guides to help those running a company limited by guarantee (CLG). A CLG is an incorporated legal structure that may be suitable for some not-for-profit organisations. 

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Join Anne-Maree Kerr, an IT trainer and consultant with over 18 years experience as she shows you how to use Microsoft Excel to its full potential in this webinar for Leep. Have you ever felt daunted by Excel and its formulas? Are you trying to create spreadsheets, or analyse data, frustrated in the knowledge that there must be an easier way?

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The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has welcomed the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)’s recognition that sky rocketing power prices and a dysfunctional energy market has left millions of low income households in energy poverty and contributed to an increase in inequality.

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As a nonprofit leader, you share your story every day - with donors, volunteers, staff, foundations, community partners, journalists. From your mission and organizational history to the story of the community you serve, storytelling is the basis of everything you do. 

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Anglicare Australia has called on the Government to properly fund Centrelink to identify and assist vulnerable clients. The call follows the release of a landmark study on the impact of Centrelink automation on Anglicare staff and clients.

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In this article, Perpetual Private looks at the principles, the options and the pitfalls of SRI. Few groups are as eager to align their investments with their values as philanthropists and not-for-profits (NFPs). These groups have been a key driver of ‘Socially Responsible Investing’ (SRI) which has emerged as a pragmatic and profitable investment framework.

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New research confirms Australians are among the most generous in the world, with four out of five wanting to support their neighbours such as people affected by natural disasters and children in need. Launching the Red Cross annual Bring More Good Appeal, Judy Slatyer, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Red Cross said:

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The Australian Senate has established the Select Committee on Charity Fundraising in the 21st Century to inquiry and report on the current framework of fundraising regulation for charities and options for reform. The closing date for submissions is yet to be determined. The committee is to report on or before 18 October 2018.