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The crisis in trust in Australia's institutions has deepened, according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, a global survey on institutional trust conducted by public relations firm Edelman. The barometer has registered declines in trust in all four institutional groups it covers – government, media, business and NGOs.

Trust in NGOs, which had previously been the only institutional group above the critical 50 per cent threshold, fell four points to 48 per cent, while trust in business fell three points to 45 per cent, media fell one point to 31 per cent and government fell two points to 35 per cent. Edelman classifies an institutional group as distrusted if it falls below 50 per cent. Trust levels have collapsed over the last two years with trust in government and media registering double digit declines over the period, while the story is not much cheerier for business and NGOs, which have seen nine and seven point declines respectively. All four institutional groups are now at five year lows in terms of trust.

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