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Actionable Impact Management (AIM) is an open source framework for defining an internal organisational method for establishing an enduring data oriented/outcome oriented impact management process. AIM's objective is to outline a roadmap for your organization to follow in the hopes to reach a point where you are able to more accurately and effectively communicate your organisation's impact to multiple stakeholders.

Impact Management refers to an organisation's ability to define an impact framework that is practical and enduring and translate insights through effective communication on impact via your website, reports, content generation, etc.

ImpactAbility Solutions has released a series of four downloadable AIM resources, authored by SoPact (Silicon Valley Social Enterprise) and Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre (APSIC) at the University of Melbourne.

The resource is divided into 4 volumes: Groundwork, Metrics, Data, and Communication. Volume 4 has just been released, and all are available for download from ImpactAbility Solutions' website.

Download resources

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