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Are you struggling to decide what to do for your next fundraiser? Do you have a high target to hit, and just aren’t sure how to get there? Whether you’re trying to raise funds for a nonprofit, club, or association, there’s a lot of pressure riding on you to find the best idea and to raise enough money to keep your organization going.

To help you out, Tatiana Morand, Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at US-based Wild Apricot, has created a comprehensive list of fundraising ideas that can suit any organization, no matter your type, time frame or budget.

These are all ideas Tatiana has heard of through working with thousands of other organizations over the years, proven to generate a positive return for your organization if they’re properly coordinated.

In this post, you can expect to see:

  • The cost for each idea, with the lowest-cost fundraisers indicated by $ going all the way to $$$$ for the highest-cost fundraisers.
  • The complexity for each idea, which is rated on a scale of 1 to 4. 1 indicates an easy fundraiser that’s quick to plan, and 4 indicates an event that takes a lot of coordination with different stakeholders to get up and running.
  • The expected return for each idea, also indicated from $ to $$$$.
  • Advice and practical tips from a variety of fundraising experts throughout the post to inspire you along your fundraising journey.

Although this is a US-based organisation, the vast majority of Wild Apricot's 200 fundraising ideas post can be easily applied or adapted to Australian organisations.

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