Scales of justice on desk with book

Access to the right legal help at the right time improves lives. But some people don’t know that their issue has a legal solution, some don’t know where to look, and others find that resources are stretched too thin. The report A Just Life from Justice Connect provides a roadmap for building a system that works.

The report proposes seven ways that the law can help build fairer, safer, healthier communities:

1. Focus on preventative power and early access to justice

2. Build tailored models, so more people access the right help

3. Use community partnerships to reach people proactively

4. Ensure laws, systems and policies are backed by evidence

5. Invest in technology to bring the legal system up to speed

6. Use pro bono effectively as part of a well-funded sector

7. Put impact first, so we fund ideas and programs that really work

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Watch the video "7 Suggestions For A Just Life"

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