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Law Access NSW has expanded the Representing Yourself section of the website to include a new topic called “Noise”. Representing Yourself is a section of the website designed to help people who are dealing with legal problems in NSW without a lawyer, by providing practical, plain language information on specific areas of law and the legal process.

This new topic provides information for people who have a dispute with their neighbour about noise.

There is information about: 

  • Noise restrictions
  • Talking to your neighbour
  • Making a noise complaint 
  • Applying for a noise order
  • Responding to a noise complaint
  • Responding to a noise order

View the new Noise topic

The LawAccess NSW website also has information about: Debt, Car Accidents, Recovery of goods, Local Court Small Claims, Fences, Employment Rights, AVOs, Fines, Driving offences and crime, After someone dies, as well as other skills based topics including Mediation, Negotiation and Reading and writing legal documents.

For more information about the website or to provide feedback, please call LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 or email [email protected]

Source: Law Access NSW

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