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A new publication by HammondCare, 'My home, my life: Practical ideas for people with dementia and carers' brings together the voice of people with dementia and carers with the best learning from research and care experience to provide insightful tips, strategies and real-life stories to support greater independence.

Whether it is through a better understanding of the impact of dementia and ageing, tips on good design at home, strategies for going out or approaches to communication and care, 'My home, my life' will enable people with dementia, carers and their support networks to meet challenges with courage and creativity.

Some of these practical tips for people with dementia and their carers include:

  • Use your personal devices - simple alarms on your phone will be a helpful reminder about appointments or when to take medications.
  • Signage - using signage in your own home might feel strange at first, but it can be a tremendous help for someone living with dementia. Labels on cupboards or signs to the bathroom are some examples. 
  • Create outdoor space - if you have a yard, schedule time to go outside. Make the space dementia friendly with a seat with a back and arms visible from the doorway.
  • Have a bag packed - have a list of medications and dosages, clothes and items that might be comforting (like favourite foods or small items) packed and ready.

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