House and money

The Tenants' Union of NSW has released the first version of a new tool to help tenants. With the Rent Tracker Postcode Tool tenants can now check what the latest rents data is for any postcode in NSW using data directly from the Rental Bond Board.

The data is released by NSW Fair Trading each month, and the tool will stay up to date with each new release. Tenants can use the tool to see how many bonds have been lodged in the previous three months and what the range of rents was based on dwelling type and bedroom number.

Using the bonds data gives a valuable insight because it shows the actual price each new rent represents, rather than the advertised price which may be higher or lower than the property is subsequently rented for.

Tenants can use this tool as part of: 

  • working out what they might save or lose in moving to different areas
  • questioning rent increases
  • investigating whether a property they are applying for is overpriced or a good deal.

The Rent Tracker Postcode Tool is a prototype which will continue to develop - the Tenants' Union of NSW welcomes feedback.

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