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Law Access NSW has expanded the Representing Yourself section of the website to include a new topic called “Noise”. Representing Yourself is a section of the website designed to help people who are dealing with legal problems in NSW without a lawyer, by providing practical, plain language information on specific areas of law and the legal process.

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Access to the right legal help at the right time improves lives. But some people don’t know that their issue has a legal solution, some don’t know where to look, and others find that resources are stretched too thin. The report A Just Life from Justice Connect provides a roadmap for building a system that works.

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Reasonable and Necessary: Making Sense of the NDIS is a new podcast series by the Summer Foundation, hosted by Dr George Taleporos. Each episode explores a different topic related to accessing the NDIS. 

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Community legal centres (CLCs) are independent community organisations that provide legal assistance to people and communities at the times that help is most needed. The directory can help you direct constituents facing issues such as economic disadvantage, hardship and various forms of discrimination

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The GroundSwell Project has launched a national practice forum, the Com Com Hub, to support the development and practice of Compassionate Communities in Australia. Compassionate Communities (Com Com) is public health practice, a way to engage communities to think about how care is provided to people who are dying.

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New materials are available from the Department of Health to help providers and their staff understand the My Aged Care system and processes. My Aged Care participant journey wheels give an overview of the key steps to follow in My Aged Care to support you in managing your services through to claiming subsidies and meeting your financial reporting obligations.

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The Alcohol & Drug Foundation (ADF)’s Community Hub aims to meet the diverse community interests wanting to lead local action to prevent harm from alcohol and other drugs (AOD). This new website is about enabling communities to understand the issues, putting primary prevention in context

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A new online resource linking members of the LGBTIQ community to information and support relating to alcohol and other drug use is now available online from ACON. Funded by Central and Eastern Sydney PHN, Pivot Point is a one-stop-shop for LGBTIQ community members who are looking for support in relation to their AOD use,

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ARACY has released five new fact sheets collating the evidence for prevention and early intervention as the most promising strategy for changing the trajectories of children's development and well-being. The fact sheets include evidence that children’s life chances are influenced by their families and communities and can be changed for the better.

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Healthy Lunch Box is a website developed by Cancer Council NSW in partnership with Outrun Cancer, offering a range of health and delicious packed lunch ideas for kids. We know 1 in 3 cancers can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well. But 93% of children don’t eat enough vegetables and adults aren’t eating enough either.