Participants at active on the move

A new rehabilitation facility has opened in Dubbo tailored specifically for people with disability. 'Active - On the Move' offers a more inclusive gym experience for people with disability, as well as an opportunity to build social inclusion in the Dubbo community. 

For many people with disabilities, traditional gym environments can be inaccessible and inhibit rehabilitation. Additionally, there can also be judgement from other gym users and unnecessary worry for the safety of the person with the disability. 

The new centre in Dubbo has been designed to alleviate these concerns, providing a space free from judgement and specifically designed to ensure the safety and comfort of gym users. During its opening celebrations on the 9th of March, the gym welcomed 150-200 people with solid interest from the community. 

Part owner of 'Active - On the Move' Ryan Medley discovered the need for a disability specific centre during his own rehabilitation journey after a spinal cord injury in 2017. He said that it is important for people with disabilities to maintain physical activity in order to maintain mobility and strength. 

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