Widows of Parramatta poster detail

NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS)
Widows of Parramatta: Organ & Tissue Donation in the Arab Australian Community
14 May 2018, 6.30pm–8.30pm
Information & Cultural Exchange, 8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta

Cost: Free

NSW Organ & Tissue Donation Service and NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service is launching a new 4-part docu-comedy called Widows of Parramatta to highlight the importance of organ and tissue donation in the Arab Australian community.

Widows of Parramatta explores the friendship of three elderly Lebanese-Australian widows, Layla Kisrwani, Jamilie Joseph and Genevieve Khawaji (Jenny). They have been friends and neighbours for 15 years in Parramatta. The web series follows them as they discuss their lives while drinking Arabic coffee, cleaning their husband’s headstones and rolling vine leaves. They discuss their current and olden day lives, share how their children annoy them but their grandchildren don’t, the rituals around life and death in the Arab Australian community, general gossip and who rolls the best vine leaves.

Black comedy in tone, Widows of Parramatta will see the widows remembering the men in their lives and the rituals around burying them. They talk about plans for their own funerals and consider their mortality regularly, contemplating on the question, “What if their husband’s heart were in someone else’s body?”

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