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The Try Time Junior Rugby League program provides a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment where children, teenagers and adults with special needs and intellectual disabilities can play Rugby League in their local community. Catering for both females and males who have special needs and intellectual disabilities ranging from but not limited to: Autism, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delay and Vision Impaired with the core focus on Ability not Disability.

The Time Junior Rugby League program is a modified version of the game played on a weekly basis to suit each individuals needs whilst trying to keep it as real as possible using Rugby League techniques with a clear focus promoting:

  • fitness
  • strengthening muscle tone
  • improvement in gross motor skills
  • social interaction and team work 

But most of all Try Time is all about having fun through an inclusive environment and culture created by Junior Rugby League Football Clubs and the wider community.

The cost is $130 and families that have the voucher from the state government to support families with the cost of getting children into sport can use it and pay $30. The cost covers shoes, jerseys etc.

The program is run at Mt Pritchard.

Contact: Jenny McNevinl, Mounties, 9822 3555.

Source: Fairfield City Council

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