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Communities for Children (CfC) is a place-based early intervention initiative that works collaboratively with partners across the community to achieve improved outcomes for children and families. Communities for Children Fairfield works across 10 of Fairfield LGA's 27 suburbs. This data package is a breakdown of the first set of Census 2016 results for these suburbs.

As other data sets become available over time, additional packages will be available to the public through

To gain a better understanding of the local communities CfC works with and explore the diversity withineach, the CfC team compiled suburb level data for Our People, and clustered the suburbsgeographically to better define Our Places. It is anticipated this data package will be used for:

  • strategic planning with a focus on community strengths and aspirations
  • service design that incorporates the community and its characteristics
  • planning that considers protective and risk factors of each community
  • embedding responsiveness to community needs into practice

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Source: Fairfield City Council

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