the word trauma

Contextual Thinking in Providing Integrative Clinical and Community Approaches in Treating Survivors of Torture and Refugee Trauma
6 June 2018, 6.00pm-8.00pm
Carramar or Online

Cost: Free.

The aim of this presentation is to advocate for clinicians and counsellors to engage with community-based approaches to mental health, beyond the confines of the therapy room. This serves as a direct challenge to the core tenets of our professional training, including an emphasis on individualism, psychopathology and expert-driven intervention. We need the mental health profession to decolonise itself to better respond to the needs of people from collectivist cultures, and those suffering severe and enduring mental health problems. In this presentation A/professor Paul Rhodes will give a short history of community psychology overseas and in Australia, describe the core tenets of a community-based approach to mental health and describe research methodologies that are consistent with this approach. STARTTS direct service counsellor Sivaharani Mayuran will illustrate this with presenting her integrative work with the Tamil Community assisting many people who fled Sri Lanka in their recovery from torture and other traumatic events.

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