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Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA)
Food Futures Conference
'Food – Shaping our Future'
20-21 November 2018
Hotel Jen, Brisbane

The conference highlights the centrality of food in everyone’s lives, poor dietary choices is one of the leading causes of the burden of chronic diseases, and the urgent need for sustainable and equitable food systems and provisioning. Food Futures I & II set out comprehensive national agendas to consider these issues but limited progress has been made since 2012. The 2018 conference will challenge professionals, organisations and governments to explore core food issues and recognise that how we deal with the food agenda will shape our futures.

This conference brings public health professionals together to pursue the aims of advocating for a comprehensive/ intersectoral/ whole-of-government approach to food and nutrition policy and actions in Australia covering all aspects of the food system including food production, manufacturing, retails, marketing, health, education, social welfare, nutrition, diet and health. It also offers an opportunity for people working in public health nutrition to network, share their work and develop a wider understanding of how the work they do contributes to the broader food systems and nutrition agenda.

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