barnardos australia logoBarnardos Australia’s Practice Development Centre is dedicated to ensuring all family and children case workers are equipped to work to the highest standard. The training and professional development team facilitate practice-based training for caseworkers and managers.

Available training:

  • eSCARF: The Supporting Children and Responding to Families (SCARF) model aims to meet an individual child's needs by strengthening and connecting families to their communities. The model offers comprehensive assessment and planning tools alongside guidance in making professional judgements.
  • MyStory: MyStory is a guided practice tool for practitioners in out of home care. It supports workers through streamlined case work processes and a guided-practice approach to ensure children, youth, families, carers and multiple agencies can work together to achieve positive outcomes.
  • LACES: LACES is Australia’s first guided-practice case management tool for out of home care practitioners. LAC training is designed to give practitioners a comprehensive overview of the LAC system and principles.
  • Best Practice Case Record Writing: Keeping excellent case records in social work practice is an important aspect of service provision. Case notes assist practitioners to make informed decisions and facilitate the delivery of services. This workshop will allow practitioners to improve their case note writing skills.
  • Cultural Identity Training - Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

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