CFI logoIn addition to Collaboration for Impact (CFI)'s flagship annual conference, this year-long program of learning makes all the knowledge, practice guides, tools, tips and other resources they have developed available to everyone in this emerging field of practice: from those at the beginning stages of their journey as collaborators to those more experienced practitioners.

The suite of webinars, masterclasses, workshops, case-studies and conferences is the result of CFI’s now-more-than-four-years’ close, hand-in-hand work with over 50 diverse cross-sector collaborative initiatives across Australia.

Each element has been designed to match the stage you may be at in your pathway to change, using CFI’s unique ‘Collaborative Change Cycle’—which is both a descriptive guide and a planning tool that identifies the clear milestones for working collaboratively with complexity.

Each element on the learning calendar will be delivered by one or more of CFI’s network of 15 highly skilled directors and associates. 

More information and registration

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