woman holding hand of dying woman in bed

NALAG Centre for Loss & Grief
Working with Loss & Grief in Palliative Care
26 July 2018, 9.00am-4.00pm
7 Welchman St, Dubbo

Cost: NALAG Members $220; Non NALAG Members $260.

This course focuses on the loss and grief support work for the dying and their families. It incorporates principles of palliative care, which means affirming life and regarding dying as a normal life process. Caring for someone dying with dementia and related loss experiences for the carer and the client will be discussed.

Carers are not just challenged with preparing their loved ones to say goodbye to the world they knew, but also are confronted with their own pending losses. Strategies of supporting people to address 'unfinished business' will be explored and how to approach 'difficult conversations' about the inevitable. Self-care strategies will be identified to ensure workers don't burn out in this very intense work with clients.

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Contact: 6882 9222.

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