Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)
Advanced Negotiation Skills
26 June 2018, 9.00am-4.30pm
Level 5, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney

Cost: $125-$250.

In order to be a successful advocate, it is essential to be an effective negotiator. Whether you are negotiating on behalf of an individual client, negotiating a shared vision and approach with other groups in order to gain momentum for your cause, or negotiating with opponents, negotiation is a key part of effective advocacy. You will learn to strengthen your bargaining position through thoughtful planning, developing effective skills, strategies and techniques, and discovering how you can identify your own value and power in any negotiation. This practical workshop covers the basics of ‘principled’ or ‘interest-based’ negotiation approach from the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

This course covers:

  • Planning and managing negotiations
  • Using emotions in a positive way during negotiations
  • How to understand the core concerns of your opposition prior to a meeting
  • How to create opportunity for both yourself and the party you are negotiating with
  • Choosing from a variety of strategies for different situations
  • Dealing with power imbalance during negotiations
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Powerful communications

Everyone can develop their negotiation skills through training, practice and experience. At this workshop you will develop skills that will be immediately relevant and useful in all aspects of work and advocacy.

Register online

Contact: Sarah Ludowici, Senior Training Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, 8898 6500 or [email protected] 

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