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Attracting and retaining volunteers can be a major challenge for volunteer managers and their organisations. This workshop will explore strategies and solutions to common issues within the volunteer management sector, as well as presenting key concepts that can aid in the process of recruitment. This training is delivered by Penny York.

This event is $165.00 for members of The Centre for Volunteering, and $198.00 for non-members. 

Penny york is a trainer for the sector. She has:

  • Over ten years in training, consulting and facilitating in business strategy and volunteer program management.Currently working in the Not-For-Profit industry with the School of Volunteer Management and community service, sporting, healthcare and government clients.
  • Ten years in sales, marketing, issues management and public relations
  • Three years in production management in education publishing and the audio-visual industry
  • Twelve+ years of volunteer work in various capacities

Penny's clients include:

Centre for Volunteering NSW, Australian Red Cross; The Smith Family; Cancer Council; ActionAid; Environmental Protection Authority; Salvation Army; Waverley Council; Bernie Banton Foundation; Fishcare; HACC; RSL NSW; Woollahra Council; SES; Health New England; South Sydney Trusted Care; Ryde Council; Musica Viva; WBA; Northside Community Forum.

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