group of older men in paddock

Landcare, the national movement begun in 1989 to encourage productive and sustainable land management, is losing its volunteer base as young people fail to replace its ageing personnel.

Migrant ladies cooking

New migrants and refugees are very involved in volunteering, with two-thirds becoming involved within 18 months of their arrival. A new report explains how the benefits flow both ways.

Fighterfighters getting ready

Western Australia’s rural communities are more engaged in volunteering than anyone in urban areas, but the sector is facing volunteer shortages and burnout risks.

Susan J. Ellis photograph

Susan J. Ellis, one of the most outspoken members of the Volunteering sector died on Sunday, the 24th of February, 2019.

Man holding bunch of carrots

Never use sticks on volunteers. Carrots, too, are a poor choice. The word volunteer from the Latin root velle means 'to will, to wish', as in wishing to do something from one's own free will, without coercion or payment. Motivation however - is another thing.

Vinnie logo - St Vincent de Paul Society - Good Works

Penrith Community Hub now open. The Community Hub is a client centred support and referral service operated by St Vincent de Paul Society Western Sydney. It offers emergency relief, assessment and referral support for people experiencing disadvantage.