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The Cumberland Volunteer Community Sector Networking Forum (CVCSNF) is designed to bring together representatives from Volunteer-run community organisations operating in Cumberland including CALD community groups, sporting groups, religious leaders. etc. 

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People, particularly women, are preferring to donate their time and expertise rather than money, according to the Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index Report. Australia ranks second in the world in terms of giving, behind Indonesia and ahead of the New Zealand and the USA. 

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A new study shows that helpers reap benefits for their efforts. Those benefits are referred to as the helper’s high, and simple acts of volunteering kick it into gear. Psychologists identified the helper’s high after noticing that people engaged in charitable activity reported a state of euphoria. The act of giving produces endorphins in the brain

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Volunteers are the heart of your organisation. Are you spending as much time communicating with them as you should be? Effectively communicating with a large group of people who may be spread out in different locations is easier said than done, which is why in this article VolunteerMatch highlights five tips to help you develop strategies

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As volunteering faces a decline across Australia, the contribution of millennials may sometimes be overlooked, as a quiet online revolution happens among young people in regional communities. Researchers from Curtin University in Western Australia have found that young people often participate in ad-hoc or "invisible" volunteering