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Join Leep for a series of free webinars, delivered in partnership with Be Connected. You’ll discover what is involved in being a digital mentor, how to harness volunteer motivation, and a variety of methods for recruiting volunteers.

Tips for Recruiting Volunteers
10 May 2018, 1.00pm–2.00pm (AEST)

In a rapidly changing environment, effectively recruiting volunteers can be a challenge for many organisations.

Volunteer-powered digital mentoring programs are not immune to this challenge, and as the volunteer landscape shifts people are increasingly looking to volunteer in ways that make the most of their unique skills and abilities.

This webinar will unpack a variety of methods for recruiting volunteers using practical examples.

Harnessing Volunteer Motivation
24 April 2018, 1.00pm–2.00pm (AEST)

“What motivates us moves us! [But] don’t assume that what motivates one volunteer, or one group of volunteers, holds true ‘across the board.’” – Judy Esmond, Ph.D.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, each bringing with them their own unique perspective and reasoning for becoming a volunteer. Understanding what inspires and motivates us as individuals and volunteers can be a highly effective way for managing and maintaining volunteer engagement.

This webinar will unpack the importance volunteer motivation plays in all stages of the volunteer life cycle. You will receive practical strategies and case studies that demonstrate how you can ensure your volunteer management practices are innovative and adhere to the National Volunteer Standards.

Being a Digital Mentor
24 May 2018 or 5 June 2018, 1.00pm–2.00pm (AEST)

A digital mentor provides one-on-one support to help people improve their digital literacy. Find out how to inspire and support people to use technology and be online. This webinar will explore what’s involved in the role and some tips and tricks for success.

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