The phrase By helping others we help ourselves typed on a piece of lined paper pinned to a cork notice board

New research of 2,018 Australians by NRMA Insurance has found that the vast majority of Australians are committed to helping others. Three quarters (74%) say they give up their time to help others in their community. Almost half volunteer in an organised way (41%) while two thirds donate to charity (67%).

The top five reasons people volunteer or give up time to help others are:

  • Because it’s important to give back to my community (43%)
  • Because it makes me feel good (41%)
  • There is a genuine need for help in my community (36%)
  • Because I want to make a difference (34%)
  • I enjoy the social interaction and meeting new people (25%)

The biggest barriers to helping others or volunteering are:

  • Work commitments (36%)
  • Being too busy (31%)
  • The costs involved (25%)
  • Health of physical issues (20%)
  • I don’t know what to do or where to start (17%)

pdfDownload the fact sheet to read all the findings

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