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We've probably heard enough about millennials, innovation and disruption to last, well, a millennium. So do we need a new approach, app or platform to engage potential volunteers? 

Recruitment has come a long way from advertising in newspaper classifieds. These days job seekers can search huge databases (such as EthicalJobs) for employment. Or make themselves findable on Linkedin. Recruiters have crawlers out in cyberspace hunting heads. Corporations and governments are using questionnaires and algorithms to filter in the best candidates. The Marriot Hotel chain has even used gamification to attract millennials. More disturbingly, America's Army: Proving Grounds is also a recruitment tool - where is the PTSD expansion pack?


SEEK volunteer, NSW Volunteering and GoVolunteer have filled the searchable online space, but is there further territory to explore in the digital recruitment field? DJ Cronin's article Time to disrupt volunteering in (appropriately) Linkedin explores the concept further.

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