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Volunteering Australia has called for all parties to adopt a policy platform that responds to the needs of the volunteering sector and grows a culture of giving in Australia. Five-year funding contracts are an example of the concrete commitments they'd like to see.

Volunteering Australia’s key policy proposals centre on three priority areas:

  • The need for all parties to value the role of volunteering peaks, volunteers, Volunteer Involving Organisations and Volunteering Support Services in supporting and strengthening communities;
  • For all parties to commit to investing in the future of volunteering in Australia and the subsequent benefits it
    provides to the community; and
  • For all parties to commit to amplifying the positive gains already being achieved by the sector.

Their 2019 Federal Election Policy Platform document: Leading a Culture of Giving in Australia lays out a good amount of detail regarding what would be required to make the three priority areas a reality. 


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