Doctor helping man in medical appointment

Steven Issa has been appointed as the inaugural Chief Digital Officer of the Australian Digital Health Agency, with the goal of increasing the success of digital programs and outcomes across the agency. This comes after the My Health Record system opt-out period was extended until the 31st of January after public and opposition backlash.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is the body in charge of the implementation of the my Health Record System, which has been widely criticised due to privacy concerns.

Steven Issa has spent his career working within the digital field, including lecturing in technology at the University of Sydney. Issa has also spent the last four and a half years of his career as a Senior Executive at Service NSW, tasked with the management of Service NSW centres across the state during the transitional period of governmental services.

It is hoped that Issa will be able to use his experience and new position to provide better opportunities, support and information for Australians who are digitally excluded within the My Health Record program and in more programs to come in the future.