Student writing at desk

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 1 in 20 students in NSW government schools do not have a device that they can use to access the internet at home, and almost seven percent do not have internet access. While these students often have the literacy to use devices, by not having access to their own they can struggle to complete schoolwork.

Most assignments that are given to students require internet research, as textbooks may not have updated information. Some students have to use their lunchtimes to do school work instead of socialising, as it is the only time they are able to access the resources that other students can access easily at home. 

Anne Hampshire, The Smith Family's Head of Research and Advocacy stated that this deepening divide is having lasting impacts on students, as they feel disconnected from the school community and in turn, disconnected socially.

While in the past the NSW Government has provided laptops for students in state schools, the devices were often unreliable, with most students breaking or damaging them by the time they got to year 12.