Two older people using a smartphone to take a selfie

One of the biggest requests in digital mentoring sessions is related to taking, viewing and sharing photos on smart devices. While seasoned technology users may have thousands of photos, those who are not confident in technology may not have many, making it harder for them to reflect on their memories.

Photos are a great way to spur memories, reflect and remember happy and joyful moments. They can also help with capturing information that can be handy later on. 

Here are some tips to help teach someone to use the camera app:

  • Show the person where the front and back cameras are located. Help them practice holding the device without accidentally covering a lens with their finger.
  • Take a selfie with the learner. You can show them the basics of how the capture button works, and remind them that any photos can be easily deleted if they don't like them
  • Use the learners device so that they can become familiar with it. Write down all steps you take and explain these steps to the learner as you go. 
  • Practice! Encourage the learner to take photos of many things, including people, plants, fruit, the television - the possibilities are endless!
  • Make sure you show the learner how to access the photos after they are taken. Explain how the photo gallery will keep photos until they delete them.