House for rent

According to the latest Rental Affordability Index, the Central West is becoming less and less affordable compared to the rest of NSW, with single pensioners over 65 years among the hardest hit. 

Although places like Orange, Dubbo and Bathurst are considered to be quite affordable compared to metropolitan areas such as Sydney,  rising rent prices indicate that on average renters are paying over 30% of their weekly income on rent. 

For single pensioners over 65 years old, rental prices can take up 40% of their weekly incomes which is deemed to be extremely unaffordable by the Rental Affordability Index. Rental prices can be compounded by other pressures such as bills and health care, which can severely affect the quality of life of elderly Central West residents. 

The only group hit harder than single pensioners over 65 is young single people on benefits. With an average income of just $17,836, some young people have to pay up to 58% of their weekly income on rent in the Central West. 

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