The term 'digital divide' is usually used with reference to those who can't afford or use technology easily. But three of the big four banks found themselves on the wrong side of Apple Pay recently.

The NAB and Westpac don't look like they will hold out much longer following the Commonwealth Bank's unexpected flipping of their Apple Pay boycott stance. The three had being holding out against Apple's terms of use for the Apple Pay iPhone functionality. When they found that they were shedding customers to ANZ, whose account holders could already use Apple pay, the big three remaining banks complained to the ACC. Now the CBA has unilaterally jumped toward Apple. 

The three had been planning a joint venture called Beem It, a platform that also allows tap and pay with an iPhone. Samsung Pay and Google Pay already allow mobile phone payment for those without iPhones. Most banks (see this list) allow use of Apple Pay; the big three must have thought they had the clout to force Apple's hand.

The standoff between Apple and the CBA started in late 2015; now over three years the CBA has caved; no doubt NAB and Westpac will soon follow. They may be big, but they're not Apple big.