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A prominent Dubbo disability services provider Northcott is preparing to close its doors after 25 years of servicing the community. The closure comes as a result of growing competition in the disability services sector in the region.

The unexpected announcement was made on the 15th of February, with the centre to cease operations on March 15th.

Northcott Chief Kerry Stubbs cited that there were a variety of different factors that led to the closure, including growing competition as a result of the NDIS, as well as a struggle to find and train suitable staff. 

"We explored many options, but ultimately we could not offer a viable service to those customers and have made the difficult decision to close.”

Northcott will continue to provide support for clients following March 15, ensuring that no client would be left without a suitable service provider. 

Just two months ago, Northcott Dubbo received a $33,000 grant from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation to fund safety, access and security improvements for their main site.