People with disabilities standing in a group

Interacting with people with disability
Leep NGO
1 February 2019, 10:30 - 11:30 AM
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Younger man helping group of older people on iPad

'A Better Visit' is a free app for iPads designed to help visitors to better connect with their friends and family members living with dementia. 

Is Homecare following the ignoble tradition of dodgy operators leaping onto government-funded gravy trains? Pressure selling through doorknocking happened with home insulation and vocational education and it's already happening with Homecare; threats by Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt to impose sanctions may mean the government doesn't intend to get fooled again.

Person tying up shoelaces on grass

A boost in funding to the 'Move It AUS' program will support Australians to increase their daily physical activity, focusing heavily on helping inactive people to get out and about in their local communities. 

Mortgage forms

Maybe, just maybe, Australian twenty-somethings can start thinking about buying a home. We've crunched the numbers to see how far house prices would need to fall for home ownership to be possible IF interest rates stay reasonable.